Animals in advertising have an amazing effect!

We are eager to realize your video projects – together. Advertising clips, sales ads or video memories. If you plan on selling a horse, a video of the animal will ensure a much higher success rate, especially if it is well-made, informative and, above all, professional. Especially material of your four-legged friend in motion is important for a sales advertisement. However, we also create videos as a memory of your furry friends: your first riding competition, an action-packed walk, pricelessly beautiful moments in the life of your pet … It’s your choice whether the video of your animal is elegant and impressive or funny and innovative –  this is entirely up to you, but we’re happy to help you with the decision.

You have an idea but not the right animals?

No problem!

We also offer animal casting sessions and provide you with professional advice on which animal is perfect for your videos, or in which setting we can best showcase your four-legged or two-legged, scaly or feathered darling. We also help you find the ideal location to create the perfect video – SharkBiteCommunication is there for your animal video project.

Full service at its best

We can rely on a vast network that has grown over many years, and we will always find the best solution for all your requirements.

Video editing

Of course, we also edit your videos professionally, we prepare the scenes and cut the film – we are proud to deliver perfect results and really impressive material in animal photography and animal videography.

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Our expertise

For fantastic, effective and expressive animal videos – no matter what the occasion – the team at SharkBite Communication is the right partner for you.

Are you looking for animal photos for your project?


Of course we are also there for you if you need photos for marketing or other purposes.

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