All for aquatics

Aquariums and aquascaping hold a special place in the hearts of the SharkbiteCommunications team. Many of us have acquired extensive expertise in this field through keeping and maintaining our own aquariums, and our passion for the subject comes through in our approach to aquarium videography.

Professional Style

For clients requiring high quality video images of aquariums and aquascapes, our team offers the unique combination of deep personal knowledge, up to date hardware, and a keen eye for composition

This results in images that balance light, color and content in a manner that catch the eye and prime the viewer for an effective product introduction

Our eye for detail can be seen in multiple professional aquarium videos used to present products from the aquarium industry.

We do everything according to your ideas.


New and proven products for aquaristics, aquarium technology, aquatic plants, aquarium animals, equipment and decorations can all be effectively presented in a short, catchy video that can increase product recognition. Product videos on websites also attract attention and give the customer the feeling of being well informed and familiar with the product, increasing their likelihood of purchasing it.

Videos are engageing

Particularly popular on YouTube are our How-To Videos, where we have professional aquarists explain the use and assembly of aquarium technology. Internal and external filters, automatic feeders for aquariums, UV-C burners, the construction of aquarium lighting and much more are explained using concrete step-by-step instructions. In doing so, they point out special features that are sometimes  ignored or overlooked in written instructions.

Videos of live aquascaping events also enjoy great popularity on social media. We at Sharkbite Communications are happy to stream your live events. Be it a live aquarium competition, an aquatics trade fair, a lecture or an award ceremony, a live stream is a great way to engage an audience. Our team has the necessary expertise and hardware to make it happen.

Our video experts

The team at Sharkbite Communications has a particular focus on professional aquarium videography. We have the latest technology in lighting, cameras and editing software. We are mobile and happy to shoot at your location, but we also have a fully equipped studio if a more controlled space is required. Contact us today – we look forward to sharing our passion for aquarium videography with you.

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