Architecture and arial photography

Goethe once said that architecture is frozen music. It is a story captured in a single instant, which then flows forward into the stories that surround it creating a harmonious balance of matter and space. Whether these stories be old or new, SharkBiteCommunication is specialized in telling them.

Architectural photography and videography are uniquely challenging in their attempt to capture and transform three dimensional structures and spaces onto two dimensional surfaces. We understand that clients want to express the experience of being immersed within a space through still imagery, and it is this experience that we offer.

Buildings and their furnishings are fascinating subjects, and SharkbiteCommunication can capture and express them in a manner sure to capture the eye, and the imagination.

We are happy to offer our services to architects and interior designers to create a portfolio of still or moving images of their work. We also enjoy working with individuals who would like to capture their private home in photos or video as a keepsake. Videos and photos of your house or property for sales ads are all possible for the SharkBiteCommunication team, as are photos for articles in trade magazines and websites.

We will highlight the details of your building or interior design and present them skilfully interwoven with the big picture. We are flexible, adaptive, and up to date on both methods and hardware. Whether you need drone shots of your building from high above, photos and videos of your successful interior design project, before-and-after documentaries of your kitchen remodelling, atmospheric pictures of a place of interest, architectural highlights, old castles, towers or fortresses–the team at SharkBiteCommunication is your first point of contact.

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