Barbecue photography

A BBQ is so much more than just roasting meat

Vegetables, corn on the cob, meat, even ice cream – roasting, cooking, BBQing, flaming – the possibilities are immense if you know how to really barbecue. You know the opportunities your BBQ product offers – but do your customers, too?

For the SharkBite Communication team, BBQ is a way of life – no more blurry photos of charred pieces of meat on a rusty metal grate! Our experienced team of experts puts your grill and all its BBQ accessories in the limelight, in stylish, highly aesthetic photos. We live for good BBQ photography, with passion, lots of enthusiasm and all our creativity, and we stand for a wholly new approach and exciting views, which literally whet your customers’ appetite.

We are your BBQ experts

First impressions are decisive, and this is especially true for high-quality grills that offer so much more than just roasting chops over charcoal. A professional photo production spikes your customers’ appetite and opens up more and better sales opportunities! BBQ photography is so much more than “simple” – yet professional – food photography. Let us transport your message to your customers! The highly experienced SharkBite Communication team’s profound love for detail and our sense of true aesthetics help us present your BBQ grill in its full, fascinating beauty.

We’ll show your customers how to truly BBQ, and at the same time, our barbecue pro photos will trigger more decisions to buy – we’ll kindle your customers’ appetite for a nice BBQ and make them eager to try out new barbecue recipes and techniques!

Our promise

We give our everything for excellent product shots that make your customers (and maybe even yourself and your staff) want to start a barbecue right away. Let’s experiment with new broiling and grilling techniques and explore new tastes and aromas!

What we offer:

✔ Masking

✔ Cropping

✔ Mirror effects

aswell as:

✔ Retouching the product photo

✔ Retouching pack shots

✔ Shading


✔ Vectorizing

✔ Color adaptation

✔ other editing techniques

What about video?


Of course, we also offer video productions presenting grill products with pro BBQers that transport your message to your customers in an aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient way.

All our expertise for your project

The international SharkBiteCommunication team promises to always give their best, drawing on long years of experience in the field of food and especially BBQ photography and on creative, new ways to present your BBQ products, grills and barbecuing accessories in the best light. We provide you with excellent, modern and fresh pictures for your online shop, your catalogue, your advertising campaign and of course your social media channels – for a spotless company image, good communication with your customers and for fast decisions to buy in your favour.

How do we put it into practise?

We always follow your wishes and requirements, and we love putting our heads together with you to brainstorm. Only then can our BBQ photos really reflect your company philosophy and transport your message both effectively and efficiently. A good photo is what we live for – in a studio or out of doors, in cosy surroundings that invite your customers to have a look, to grill, to eat and to enjoy their food.

We’re more than happy to provide you with professional advice and to develop a fitting concept for your BBQ campaign. You can always count on the passion of our trusty team of experts and on the professionalism of our marketing network!

Let's do some grilling