We just love animals!

The professional team at SharkBite Communication is more than happy to take photos of your two- and four-legged friends! An atmospheric portrait of your favorite pet for your living room wall or an action-packed fun photo, Christmas greetings or birthday wishes with your furry friend in the leading role, creative or mystical costume shoots with horses, dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and humans, or a completely differently-themed picture – at SharkBiteCommunication we are there for you and will inspire you with our creative ideas.

You want to shoot in a photo studio or in a protected environment in nature? You want to take action photos or motion videos, or beautiful portraits of your furry fried? We love working with animals and their owners, with great empathy and enthusiasm, even in special situations.

Group pictures

We will take solo photos of your animal, but also group shots – we’re also happy to photograph you together with your pet. Our focus is on unique photos that perfectly reflect the character of your beloved furry friend and your relationship with each other. Photographing larger animals like horses or dogs, preferably outdoors and in action, is no problem for our experienced animal photographer Alexander Bachmayer either.

You need our help for advertising material with animals?


We’re happy to help you.


of any kind

Action-packed or atmospheric videos are also part of our specialties – we just love capturing your special moments in moving pictures. We accompany you at your first horse tournament, cat or dog show, during presentations or simply when you’re underway on your favorite route – for memories that never fade. Create moments for eternity with the team from SharkBiteCommunication!

Our service includes planning and selection of the setting in which we present your animal – together with you, of course, if you wish. We listen carefully and pay attention to your wishes.

You will receive perfectly retouched and professionally edited animal photos and animal videos that create lasting memories and capture the most beautiful moments with your animal friend for eternity. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your four-legged friend: bird, fish, reptile, dog, cat, horse – or another, completely unusual pet!


Your pets are going to love us!