The art of wedding photography

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today at the SharkBiteCommunication web site to present you
with how we can record and preserve your most special day. Welcome!

  1. A perfect wedding day means the world to both bride and groom, and we specialize in ensuring that your memories of this day are documented in the most artistic and unforgettable manner possible.
  2. As the center of our team’s attention, rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to create a lasting memento worthy of such an occasion. Our wedding photographers will combine their flair for style with an eye for composition in a way that will best suit your taste.

The wedding day

Creating family history is more than just important, it is what builds the foundation upon which the rest of your life together is built.  Along with your family and friends, we will laugh and cry with you, offer support when needed, and we will help you to celebrate not only on your wedding day, but on every other day as well through the compilation of a visual keepsake that will remind you and your loved ones forevermore of this unforgettable occasion.

Rest easy knowing that your family history is being preserved in a manner befitting the importance of your wedding vows.

family history is important

To document this most important day of your life as a couple, our wedding photographers will put your personal happiness first and foremost.

wedding photographers

Anyone can take a photo, but it takes a more personal approach to capture the true essence and atmosphere of a wedding. Our team will move in and around the action in order to produce a nuanced collection of scenes and reflective moments.

our expertise

We specialize in creating collections of photographs that have an emergent quality, such that the final collection represents more than just the sum of its parts. Let us surprise you with how many wonderful moments, both hidden and in plain sight, there were at your wedding,

We accompany you in the middle of the action!
We also discover the small, atmospheric scenes of the day and create memories for life!


Let yourself be surprised!
How many beautiful moments there were at your wedding and you can still enjoy them after years.


The team at SharkbiteCommunication is looking forward to accompanying you on this special day, and to capture your family history as it is created.

The contents

Our schedule will be determined by you, and you alone.


We are happy to start the documentation during morning preparations if you wish. We can accompany you to the hairdresser, make-up artist or dressing room.

Civil ceremony

Of course we will be there at the town hall or registry office.


The reception and party that follows will also be recorded with the utmost attention to detail and style.

Group pictures

with best man, friends and family.

It is your choice

Should you like to do a photo shoot in advance for the purpose of creating wedding invitations, this too can be arranged. Engagement party? Let us know, and we will be there. Our team is also available to do special shoots at different locations on dates other than your ceremony and reception, in the event that you do not want to leave your guests during the actual celebration. Be it individuals or group shots, serious, romantic, creative or humorous compositions, SharkBiteCommunication will see to your wishes no matter what.


Be it individuals or group shots, serious, romantic, creative or humorous compositions, SharkBiteCommunication will see to your wishes no matter what.


wedding videos?


If you are interested in having a Full-HD highlight video of your special day, complete with soundtrack, please see our wedding videography page for details. At SharkBiteCommunication, we can do it all.

Contact us today to start planning for the perfect wedding day keepsake.